Mesas vibratorias

5 de marzo de 2013

Some of the most prevalent uses for vibrating tables are consolidation, settling and testing. 


The most common use for vibrating tables is consolidation of precast concrete. The precast concrete Industry uses vibrating tables in a variety of applications, from small decorative pieces to concrete countertops to large structural concrete slabs. Proper consolidation of precast products provides desired surface finishes, as well as overall strength and durability. 

Most concrete mixes will include approximately 20% entrapped air from the mixer. Material consolidation using a vibrating table eliminates the entrapped air, thus increasing the concrete density. Additional benefits of consolidation using a vibrating table are increased strength, reduction in permeability, and the elimination of troublesome surface voids and bubbles. 

Engineered vibrating tables eliminate dead spots and can consolidate the concrete mix quickly. The use of a Variable Frequency Drive enables the user to fine tune the frequency and amplitude to the level that material best responds. The utilization of air bag isolators serves two purposes, the isolation of the vibration to the tabletop, and another mechanism to fine tune the frequency and amplitude.


Materials in packaging are vibrated to settle the product, thereby decreasing the size of shipping container needed or increasing the weight a shipping container will hold. This reduces shipping costs when rates are based on volume. 


Products are tested prior to shipping for integrity of integral parts and electrical circuits, or to simulate and anticipate shipping wear and tear. This eliminates costly repairs or returns and increases product reliability and quality control. 

Cleanscrape.Com is now Martin Engineering

Effective October 15, 2016, CleanScrape GmbH was acquired by Martin Engineering. Martin is known for being an innovative leader in belt cleaning, among many other areas. The CleanScrape belt cleaner will continue to be manufactured with the highest quality assurance backed by the same great service. Product quality and customer relations will remain our priority.