La ciencia de materiales a granel mejora el manejo de carbón de la central eléctrica

23 de septiembre de 2013

[Neponset, Illinois] – Uno de los principales avances en la ingeniería de sistemas de manejo de carbón es el aumento en el uso de la ciencia de materiales a granel.

This field is focused on the testing and materials that the bulk solids will move on, over or through. Bulk material science is an interdisciplinary field, centered on determining the physical properties to various problems in the design of bulk material handling systems and components.

Combined with computer-based engineering and modeling systems, bulk materials science offers several potential improvements for coal handling operations in power plants. These include helping to manage flow, reducing bottlenecks, minimalize dust, spillage and carryback, extend equipment life and reduce maintenance expenses – all improving a plant’s availability, efficiency and profitability.

Improved testing and computerized engineering now make it possible to improve designs of specific systems to perform as expected with identified materials. Serious errors can be made if a material handling system is designed without determining to appropriate basic and advanced properties of the specific bulk material being stored, conveyed or otherwise handled.

No two bulk materials are the same, no matter what type of classification they are. This is the main reason why physical testing of a bulk solid is so important to prior design of bulk material handling systems. The cost of testing is a minor part of the overall cost of a material handling or conveying system. Having this data is one of the most important tools for trouble-shooting the conveyor in the future, when processes or raw materials change.

If an existing material handling system works now, it should continue to work as long as the material stays the same and the equipment does not suffer wear or abuse that changes its performance. But changes in source or increased moisture from rain, or from changes in the process or in the equipment, like increasing the speed of the belts to move more material or changing a liner inside a chute – can have a dramatic consequences on the performance of a coal handling system.

And when a material handling system is being engineered, whether designed from the ground up, or substantially rebuilt, then the materials it will carry need to be carefully tested in achieve the overall performance required and receive the maximum return on investment.


Martin Engineering's Center for Innovation incorporates four laboratories to perform sophisticated testing and analysis of customer bulk materials, systems and components.


R. Todd Swinderman
Martin Engineering Corporate | Technology Development Consultant
Todd Swinderman joined Martin Engineering in 1979 as Conveyor Products Engineer before becoming General Manager, President and CEO. His vision and leadership have focused on developing innovative solutions for bulk-materials handling and expanding the company's capabilities around the world. Swinderman has been active in CEMA as an officer, committee chair and as the chief editor and driving force behind the updated sixth edition of Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials.

Andrew D. Marti
Martin Engineering Corporate | Global Technical Writer
Andy Marti has more than 20 years of experience in writing about the problems and solutions in bulk-materials handling. He has served as coordinating author and editor for all four editions of Martin Engineering's Foundations™ books on improving the performance of belt conveyors and transfer points. Marti holds a B.A. in Journalism from Central Michigan University and an M.A. in Communications Media from the University of Northern Iowa.

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