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25 de octubre de 2013

[Litchfield, MN] – One of the leading trailer and truck body builders in the U.S. is improving efficiency and safety by installing a high-performance 12-volt vibration unit on virtually all of its dump bodies. Located at the center front on the underside of the body, the powerful vibrator helps quickly release sticky materials, avoiding the need to raise the body to its steepest angle, or to do sudden start/stops to release stubborn loads. Easier dumping also avoids the temptation for workers to attempt cleaning out the bed with a shovel or other tools, helping to keep them out of harm’s way.

“We’ve been using these vibrators since we first started building dump bodies,” commented Truck Equipment Sales Manager Tim Erickson. “Customers have been very pleased with their performance.  Without the vibration, their jobs would be a nightmare,” he said.

Towmaster uses the Cougar® DC Truck Vibrator, a powerful design that delivers 4,000 vibration cycles per minute (VPM) with 3,200 pounds of force, while drawing just 85 amps from the 12V model. “We’re impressed by the amount of vibratory force that can be achieved in such a relatively small package, and the reliability that comes with it,” Erickson continued. 

Our dump bodies are primarily sold to end users, either directly or through a chassis dealership lease program,” Erickson explained. “The focus in the truck equipment division is almost exclusively on municipal and government sales.” Towmaster works closely with OEM chassis manufacturers, mounting its dump bodies on trucks manufactured by Mack, International and Freightliner. The company’s products are also compatible with Kenworth, Peterbilt and other manufacturers’ chassis designs.


“The vibrator is installed in the finishing stage, utilizing the mount and bolts supplied by Martin,” Erickson said. “We generally use the wiring harness and push-button activation switch that are supplied with the unit, but if a customer is purchasing electronic hydraulic controls, we can use a switch in that console.” While most of the Towmaster designs have the vibrator mounted at the center front underside, certain designs require that they be located on the front of the body or on one of the longsills.
“The vibrators really prove themselves when there’s a water main break or snowstorm,” Erickson added. “Difficult materials or harsh weather conditions can make dumping miserable without them. We like the fact that they are sealed against harsh service environments and have a small footprint.”  


 Vibrador neumático DC Cougar® 
  • Hasta 3200 libras de fuerza vibratoria que mejoran la descarga de materiales húmedos, pegajosos, fibrosos y hasta congelados.   
  • Las unidades pequeñas y livianas requieren espacio mínimo.
  • El alojamiento de aluminio protegido contra las inclemencias del tiempo ofrece un alto rendimiento proporcional al peso.
  • Los rodamientos de bola sellados eliminan la necesidad de lubricación.
  • Se entrega con piezas para montaje y conexiones eléctricas.
  • Sealed ball bearings are permanently lubricated

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