Otro problema resuelto...

13 de agosto de 2013

At the Bonanza Power Plant in Vernal, Utah coal was getting hung up on the hoppers beneath the storage silos. The build-up on the walls of the hopper was an ongoing headache for the operating team and a consistent production bottleneck. To deal with the problem, the team resorted to climbing ladders and scaffolding and using sledge hammers to knock the coal loose.

They finally had enough and contacted Martin. Bonanza was looking for a cost effective solution and after reviewing the situation, Martin recommended Cougar® P Series Piston Vibrators.

The Cougar® P Series Piston Vibrator is perfect for maintaining material flow and reducing bottlenecks. It is an economical solution to hang-ups in sticky, coarse or high-moisture materials because it activates the flow with powerful linear vibrations because delivering powerful sledge hammer blows without damaging the silo or requiring manual labor.Cougar® P Series Piston Vibrators also help control noise and can handle a heavy work load with limited air supply.

Martin replaced the sledge hammers with a cost effective solution making the process safer and less labor intensive. Installation was simple and straight forward; requiring minimal time. Since the installation of the piston vibrators, the plant has eliminated the need to send personnel on ladders to knock coal loose in the hopper.




For more information on the Cougar® P Series Piston Vibrator, please click here.


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