Mr. Blade® provides accurately-sized and professionally installed replacement blades best suited for your specific application. Martin® belt cleaners and replacement blades provide optimum cleaning performance and service life.

Con el respaldo de nuestra garantía ilimitada.
Por medio de la garantía, reciba bastidores y tensionadores de Martin® GRATIS PARA SIEMPRE, mientras utiliza las hojas de reemplazo de Martin. 

Benefits of this new program include:

  • Consistent supply of freshly molded, high-quality blades – labeled with date of manufacture – delivered directly from the factory. Competitor retrofit blades available, to replace blades from any manufacturer.
  • Each van is equipped with a band saw, milling machine and all tools required for custom fit, accurate installation and precise tensioning. Giving you pinstalación profesional de hojas a cargo de un técnico capacitado de Martin, SIN CARGO.
  • Dramatically reduce your overall cost of ownership by turning over responsibility for stocking, delivering, installing and maintaining replacement blades; freeing up plant resources for other tasks.
  • Register your products and Martin will maintain a lifetime record of all your conveyors using Martin equipment, providing you access to data on the total annual cost for budgeting purposes - with recommendations for improvements.





When you need replacement blades for your belt cleaners, why settle for anything less than the longest-lasting, most-effective cleaners in the industry?! Martin® Replacement Blades are competitively priced and backed by multiple guarantees!

  • Martin diseñó, construyó e implementó un sistema de fundición de poliuretano personalizado y controlado por computadora para asegurar que nuestro vasto conocimiento interno sobre lo que importa en la producción de uretano de calidad se incorpore para obtener las hojas de la mejor calidad posible.
  • The computer controlled devices in our urethane manufacturing systems allow us to monitor product quality continuously, from anywhere in the world.
  • Martin tiene una alianza internacional con BASF, uno de los mayores fabricantes de productos químicos del mundo para garantizar la regularidad, la calidad y la disponibilidad de materiales alrededor del mundo.
  • Martin es el único proveedor de equipos de limpieza de bandas que fabrica hojas en tres continentes con maquinaria personalizada, de diseño propio. Las hojas que se fabrican en cualquier parte del mundo con nuestros equipos tienen el mismo rendimiento de excelencia garantizado.
  • Martin, in cooperation with our global chemical partner BASF, is the leader in the development of high-performance urethanes, ensuring exceptional quality and product satisfaction
  • Martin’s blades are engineered to perform better than competitor’s designs by utilizing our patented CARP profile - not to mention the 53% more urethane in the wearable area.
  • Martin offers replacement blades for any other manufacturer’s belt cleaners that can be quickly and easily fitted to any existing mainframe, but manufactured by our proprietary computer controlled urethane production system.
  • Martin is the largest manufacturer of conveyor belt cleaners in the world, responsible for many of the innovations that have appeared in belt cleaning over the last 40 years.

Martin blades are made better, so they last longer!

Garantía absolutamente sin excusas

No Risk. No Hassle. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your Martin® Belt Cleaner or Replacement Blades, we will happily honor our Absolutely No Excuses Guarantee, and fully refund your money.


Cleanscrape.Com is now Martin Engineering

Effective October 15, 2016, CleanScrape GmbH was acquired by Martin Engineering. Martin is known for being an innovative leader in belt cleaning, among many other areas. The CleanScrape belt cleaner will continue to be manufactured with the highest quality assurance backed by the same great service. Product quality and customer relations will remain our priority.