El jefe de la mina Tamarack pasa por la ConAgg Expo

March 5, 2014

Martin Regional Manager Richard Shields With Miner Tony Beets & Crew

Martin Regional Manager Richard Shields With Miner Tony Beets & Crew

En el mundo ya no quedan hombres como Tony Beets, un hombre de pocas palabras, pero de infinita sabiduría.

Seen on season 2 of Gold Rush, Tony Beets is brought on to consulate the Hofftmens during session 3. Though little is known about Tony Beets, everyone respects this legendary miner. Just don't mess with his daughter.

Tony worked on the family farm until he left for Canada and worked pipeline construction for three years. He came to Dawson in 1984 and has been a miner ever since.

Tony runs an enormous mine not far from Dawson. He hires dozens of teenagers each year, many of whom quit or get fired. The rest are welcomed into his family. His wife and childhood sweethart Minnie runs the paperwork and his four kids operate machinery for him. He is a self-professed hard worker. His key advice is to learn as you go and take an interest in your job.

As for himself, he believes the key to his massive success is that he has drilled every inch of his property so he knows where the gold is. His personal ambition is to get two operations going at one time.

Tony Beets is a legendary Klondike gold miner.

Born in Wijdenes, Netherlands, Tony Beets worked for his family for many years, and then relocated to Canada to seek better career opportunities.

After working in the construction business for three years, Tony began mining in Dawson City, in the Yukon Territory in 1984. Today he runs the Tamarack Mine, and is known for hiring local teenagers. Many either can't handle the work and quit, or are fired. Those that are able to hack it, become integral members of the team and his family. He has four children, all of whom work for the family business. He is one of the new miners featured on the reality television series, "Gold Rush". The show began airing on the Discovery Channel in 2010 and is now in its fourth season and has aired over 60 episodes. It has become one of the channel's most highly ranked series thanks to the larger than life personalities who appear on the show and dramatic tension that occurs every day at an active gold mine. Tony's wife Minnie is an integral part of the operation who helps handle the company's paperwork and accounting. His ultimate dream would be to have two highly producing mines running simultaneously.

Un especial agradecimiento para el legendario minero Tony Beets por pasar por el puesto de Matin en la ConAgg Expo 2014 en Las Vegas, Nevada.

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